FC Barcelona fan club visits DC Jazz Jam and gets the house band to learn the Barcelona theme song!

BarcaFansFrom the Department of Random Connections:  The FC Barcelona fan club visited the DC Jazz Jam this past Sunday (7/26/15) as part of their tour of Washington in the lead-up to the Barcelona/Chelsea match at FedEx field.  The fans, who had won a contest to follow the team around the U.S., had a series of challenges to complete at each location.  In D.C., one of those challenges was to find local jazz musicians to play the Barca “Cant” (or theme song).

In the video available here, you can see house band members Peter Runk (keys), Alex Martin (guitar), Ethan Philion (bass), and Alan Kirschenbaum (drums) working out the theme and performing it in a matter of minutes for the Barca fan group at our new jazz jam home, The Brixton.

And if you want to play at home, here is some sheet music for the “Cant del Barca”…



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