Vote for DC Jazz Jam in the CityPaper Poll!

The Washington CityPaper finally re-added “Best Jazz Jam Session” to their annual Reader’s Poll this year (after several years of nagging)!  In 2013, we won “Best Jazz Jam Session,” in the only other year they included the category (again, after several earlier years of nagging).

Washington DC is lucky to have a rich jazz jam culture with several terrific places to try out new things (for musicians) and hear raw, unfiltered jazz (for appreciators).  The DC Jazz Jam has been jamming on U Street for over 6 years — first at Dahlak, and now at The Brixton.  The CityPaper Arts Desk even credited us with sparking DC’s recent jazz jam renaissance, in this August 2015 article!

So please vote for us for “Best Jazz Jam Session” again!  You can click the link at the top, or follow this link in order to vote for us.  (Note: It’s easy, because the link will auto-populate your vote for us!)

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