Is there a cover charge or drink minimum?  No, but we ask that everyone — including guest musicians — please be respectful to our hosts by purchasing at least 2 items, food and/or drink.  After all, the jam is only sustainable if we bring in sufficient business.

Should I tip the house band or the bartender?  Yes, everyone should tip both the house band and the bartender!  Your generosity is what helps sustain the jam.

Is this jam only for musicians?  No, everyone is welcome!  In fact, we love to have non-musician appreciators come to enjoy food, drink, and the friendly energy of the jam.  Please bring friends.

Do I need to reserve a table?  No, but the jam can get pretty full!  If you have a large group (6 or more), then we suggest calling ahead.

How many sets do you play?  We usually have the house band play 2-3 tunes to start the jam, then we start calling people up to play.  The first set usually goes until about 7:45pm or so.  Then the house band breaks for food/drink, and we pick back up by about 8:00pm for the rest of the night.

How many guest musicians come to the jam?  Any given Sunday, we often have 20+ guest musicians who come to play.  That’s terrific!  But it means that we need to have some structure in order to make sure everyone gets to jam and have a good time.

How do I sign up to play?  We always have a sign-up sheet by the band.  Put your name down!

When do I go up to play?  Please wait until you are called up by the host.  In general, the host goes down the list in order, but the host may skip around in order to accommodate different instruments (or vocalists).

How long can I play?  If you are a horn player or rhythm player, we try to make sure you get called up for two tunes.  If you are a vocalist, you will be able to call one feature tune, but you are welcome to scat on another tune.  Time permitting, we can open up the jam more freely during latter half of the second set.  The host will let everyone know.

What music should I bring?  If you are a vocalist, it helps if you bring charts in the key you would like to sing.  The house band has the Real Book for any jazz standards.

What music should I prepare?  We generally let our guest musicians call tunes, so please be prepared to call a tune that you know, can play the head, and can solo over.  Also, we close out each session with our theme song, the “18th Street Theme.”

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