Theme Song

In August 2012, Second Sunday house band pianist Oren Levine wrote a theme song for the DC Jazz Jam, called “18th Street Theme.”  Oren describes it as being in the style of Art Blakey.  We debuted the theme song at the jazz jam’s 3-year anniversary session on August 12, 2012.  Since then, the jam session traditionally closes out each Sunday with the “18th Street Theme.”  In February 2014, Oren added lyrics to the theme.

Here is a recording of the theme: [Link to be added]

Below are the vocal and instrumental lead sheets for the “18th Street Theme,” along with individual horn charts:

18th Street Theme – Lyrics & Lead Sheet

18th Street Theme Lyrics (words only)

18th Street Theme – Lead sheet (instrumental only)

18th Street Theme – Percussion

18th Street Theme – Alto Saxophone (in Eb)

18th Street Theme – Tenor Saxophone (in Bb)

18th Street Theme – Trumpet (in Bb)

18th Street Theme – Trombone (in C)

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