House Band

House Band

The house band for the DC Jazz Jam is made up of a rotating cast of terrific players from the DC area on piano, guitar, bass, and drums.  There is a regular First Sunday, Second Sunday, Third Sunday, and Fourth Sunday house band.  For the occasional Fifth Sundays, we put together an ad hoc crew.  The current House Band members are:

Howie Jung
Oren Levine
Terry Marshall
Peter Runk
Peter Runk

Mark Caruso
Duff Davis
Alex Martin
Evan Samuels


Steve Arnold
Ethan Foote
Phil Ravita
Percy White

Winston Johnson
Paul Jung
Kelton Norris
Will Stephens

Trae Crudup


Will Stephens (drums) –

Monthly Masters

In addition to the regular house band members, we bring in a special guest “Monthly Master” jazz artist once every few weeks to join the house band for the evening.  Please see the Monthly Masters page for more information.

House Band Alumni & Subs

Past house band members and subs include (in alphabetical order):

  • Stephen Arnold (bass)
  • Terence Arnett (drums)
  • David Bamber (bass)
  • John Barger (bass)
  • Ana Barreiro (drums)
  • James Benson (guitar)
  • Angel Bethea (drums)
  • Julian Berkowitz (drums)
  • Amy Bormet (keys)
  • Michael Brandon (bass)
  • Keith Butler (drums)
  • Mark Caruso (guitar)
  • Karine Chapdelaine (bass)
  • Christian Clark (drums)
  • Elijah Cole (guitar)
  • Randy Coleman (bass)
  • Mikel Combs (bass)
  • Nick Costa (drums)
  • Wes Crawford (drums)
  • Trae Crudup (drums)
  • Erol Danon (keys)
  • Duff Davis (guitar)
  • Greg Discher (drums)
  • Graham Doby (drums)
  • Anders Eliasson (drums)
  • Craig Falk (bass)
  • Adam Fluger (guitar)
  • Ethan Foote (bass)
  • Kris Funn (bass)
  • Nathan Garrett (bass)
  • Mike Graham (bass)
  • Christian Gonzales (bass)
  • Andrew Guterman (drums)
  • Charlie Himel (bass)
  • Ed Hrybyk (bass)
  • Nate Jakes (bass)
  • Aaron Johnson (drums)
  • Hugh Johnson (bass)
  • Winston Johnson (drums)
  • Noble Jolley (keys)
  • Howie Jung (keys)
  • Paul Jung (drums)
  • Dave Kane (keys)
  • Steve Karolus (bass)
  • Jack Kilby (drums)
  • Alan Kirschenbaum (drums)
  • Max Krucoff (drums)
  • Tyler Leak (drums)
  • Oren Levine (keys)
  • Lydia Lewis (drums)
  • John Lee (guitar)
  • Terry Marshall (keys)
  • Alex Martin (guitar)
  • David Martin (drums)
  • Mark Meadows (keys)
  • Kris Monson (bass)
  • Samir Moulay (guitar)
  • Pete Muldoon (guitar)
  • Sammy Munguia (keys)
  • Michael Nourafshan (drums)
  • Rick Netherton (bass)
  • Alex Nowak (bass)
  • Dokun Oke (guitar)
  • Michael Paik (guitar)
  • Cristian Perez (guitar)
  • Doug Perry (bass)
  • Ethan Philion (bass)
  • Paul Pieper (bass)
  • Phil Ravita (bass)
  • Darrel Reddix, Jr. (drums)
  • Geoff Reecer (guitar)
  • Marty Risemberg (drums)
  • Lenny Robinson (drums)
  • Paul Rosenberg (keys)
  • Peter Runk (keys)
  • Mark Saltman (bass)
  • Evan Samuels (guitar)
  • Nicole Saphos (bass)
  • John Sarazen (drums)
  • Dahni Scally (bass)
  • Dave Scoven (drums)
  • Russel Snyder (bass)
  • Matt Sollinger (bass)
  • Tony Song (guitar)
  • Will Stephens (drums)
  • Chris Stiles (keys)
  • Dylan Stoddard (bass)
  • Jon Schwartz (bass)
  • Steve Synk (bass)
  • Eric Tapper (drums)
  • Justin Taylor (keys)
  • Hope Udobi (keys)
  • Jim West (drums)
  • Jeron White (bass)
  • Percy White (bass)
  • Jordan Williams (piano)
  • John Williamson (bass)
  • Kash Wright (keys)

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