Monthly Masters

Every weeks, we invite a Monthly Master jazz artist to join the house band for the evening.  (We used to have them once a month, thus the name “Monthly Master,” but we like the alliteration, so the name stuck.)  Our Monthly Master guests are established local, national, or international jazz artists, as well as outstanding up-and-coming players.  Please check our calendar to see who the next Monthly Master will be.

Our terrific Monthly Master jazz artists have included (in alphabetical order):

  • Nasar Abadey (drums)
  • Akua Allrich (voice)
  • Jeff Antoniuk (sax)
  • Harry Appelman (piano)
  • Gilad Atzmon (sax)
  • Tedd Baker (sax)
  • Elijah Balbed (sax)
  • Chris Barrick (vibraphone)
  • Wade Beach (piano)
  • Mercedes Beckman (sax)
  • Brent Birckhead (sax)
  • Amy Bormet (piano)
  • Michael Bowie (bass)
  • Jessica Boykin-Settles (voice)
  • Krit “William” Buranavitayawut (sax)
  • Herman Burney (bass)
  • Tyler Cassidy (sax)
  • Karine Chapdelaine (bass)
  • Tony Compton (voice)
  • Imani-Grace Cooper (voice)
  • Wes Crawford (drums)
  • Reginald Cyntje (trombone)
  • Christie Dashiell (voice)
  • Jordon Dixon (sax)
  • Glenn Donnellan (violin)
  • Fred Foss (sax)
  • Andrew Frankhouse (sax)
  • Howard “Kingfish” Franklin Jr. (drums)
  • Kris Funn (bass)
  • Pepe Gonzalez (bass)
  • Tony Gudell (voice)
  • Shannon Gunn (trombone)
  • Zet Harris (sax)
  • Joe Herrera (trumpet)
  • DeAndrey Howard (trumpet)
  • Sarah Hughes (sax)
  • Irene Jalenti (voice)
  • George V. Johnson (voice)
  • Noble Jolley (keys)
  • Susan Jones (violin)
  • Marshall Keys (sax)
  • Seth Kibel (sax, clarinet, flute)
  • Jen Krupa (trombone)
  • John Lamkin (drums)
  • Grant Langford (sax)
  • Tim Leahey (trumpet)
  • John Lee (guitar)
  • Lydia Lewis (drums)
  • Brad Linde (sax)
  • Lyle Link (sax)
  • Bruno Lucini (percussion)
  • Lionel Lyles (sax)
  • Aaron Martin (sax)
  • Tony Martucci (drums)
  • Tarus Mateen (bass)
  • Mark Meadows (keys)
  • Blake Meister (bass)
  • Mark Merella (percussion)
  • Nataly Merezhuk (violin)
  • Bryan McEntire (sax)
  • Rose Moraes (voice)
  • Pete Muldoon (guitar)
  • Tim Murphy (keys)
  • Aaron Myers (voice, emcee)
  • Matthew Niess (trombone)
  • Kelton Norris (drums)
  • Darin “Joe” Pantoomkomol (keys)
  • Barbara Papendorp (voice)
  • David Parente (drums)
  • Antonio Parker (sax)
  • Paul Pieper (guitar)
  • Leigh Pilzer (sax)
  • Victor Provost (steel drum)
  • Shawn Purcell (guitar)
  • Geoff Reecer (guitar)
  • Integriti Reeves (voice)
  • Rochelle Rice (voice)
  • Lenny Robinson (drums)
  • Shacara Rogers (voice)
  • Kenny Rittenhouse (trumpet)
  • Frank Russo (drums)
  • Donella “D-Erania” Sanders (sax)
  • Lena Seikaly (voice)
  • Brian Settles (sax)
  • DeAndre Shaifer (trumpet)
  • Matvei Sigalov (violin)
  • Al Strong (trumpet)
  • Harold Summey (drums)
  • Noppadol “Long” Tirataradol (bass)
  • Sam Turner (percussion)
  • Corey Wallace (trombone)
  • Butch Warren (bass)
  • Danielle Wertz (voice)
  • Delores King Williams (voice)
  • John “J.S.” Williams (trumpet)
  • Tom Williams (trumpet)
  • Thad Wilson (trumpet)
  • Warren Wolf (vibraphone)
  • Prakash “Kash” Wright (keys)

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